Word of the Day: Beatitude Writing Prompt [6]

It wasn’t every day that Heather woke up feeling completely refreshed. In fact, she couldn’t even remember the last time she had jumped out of bed this excited to start the day. She hoped this feeling of beatitude would last. Even her dreams had been pleasant. Everything looked like it was pointing towards a fresh start, a new purpose. It didn’t matter that the divorce had only been finalized for a few weeks. Heather was determined that this was just the sign she had been looking for. There would be no more moping and feeling sorry for herself. She felt like she could even manage pancakes. It was a start.


 \ bee-AT-i-tood \  , noun;

1. Supreme blessedness; exalted happiness.
2. Any of the declarations of blessedness pronounced by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.


Word of the Day: Lily-livered Writing Prompt [5]

In an effort to not appear lily-livered, George lifted the half-dead skunk with his bare hands and held it aloft. The younger girls squealed with horror and backed away while some of the more daring boys came so close as if to touch it. Things were going better than George had planned, until one stupid kid poked the skunk’s face with a stick and it stirred. And that was the moment George realized that just because someone bet you, it wasn’t a good enough reason to do something you already knew was stupid. 


 \ LIL-ee-LIV-erd \  , noun;

1. Weak or lacking in courage; cowardly; pusillanimous.

Word of the Day: Delate Writing Prompt [4]

“You wouldn’t dare” She said. She cast a glance around, looking for something to steady her shaking hands. She couldn’t believe this was happening, especially now. What would she do if Isaac told people the rumors were true?

“I will delate you in front of all your ‘so called friends’ tomorrow night if you do not listen to reason.” He said.

But she didn’t want to give in to Isaac; he always saw things from a tainted perspective. There was no way she was letting him ruin everything she’d worked so hard for. Inching across the table, her hands grasped a candlestick. It was now or never.


 \ dih-LEYT \  , verb;

1. Chiefly Scot.  To inform against; denounce or accuse.
2. Archaic.  To relate; report: to delate an offense.

Word of the Day: Acephalous Writing Prompt [3]

Samuel was used to being in charge. He had come to expect that people didn’t question his authority. He was right. He was always right. After all, who had guided them all these years? Who had fought for their rights? Who had been entrusted with their overall well-being and purpose? Samuel knew he had done a good job, no, an excellent job. But this was simply too much. For them to turn their back and demand something so foul; it was devastating. Samuel knew he would have to show them the error of their ways. What good could come of an acephalous group?


\ ey-SEF-uh-luhs \  , adjective;

1. Without a leader or ruler.
2. Also, acephalic Zoology . headless; lacking a distinct head.

Word of the Day: Recusant Writing Prompt [2]

“Come on,” He said. “Please? You know we can’t do this without you.”

But Rachel, ever the recusant minion, merely shook her head and continued scribbling in her Precious Moments notebook she carried around incessantly.

“Michael, we can perform without her, we don’t need a bunny for a magic show, that would be, uh, well, cliche!” Sarah said.

“It’s not cliche, it’s a trademark. It’s expected!” He said. “What kind of magician doesn’t pull a bunny out of a hat?”

“Relax, I’ll just make one out of cardboard or something.” Sarah said.

“It’s not the same.” He said. Michael pulled off his hat and walked away.


\ REK-yuh-zuhnt \  , adjective;

1. A person who refuses to submit, comply, etc.
2. English History . A person, especially a Roman Catholic, who refused to attend the services of the Church of England.


Word of the Day: Pharisaic Writing Prompt [1]

I love words. When I graduated from high school I received an unabridged dictionary as a gift and I was absolutely ecstatic. (Yeah, I know I’m a nerd, okay?)

Anyway, I have the mobile app for Dictionary.com and I love how they send me the Word of the Day and I wanted to find some way to incorporate it into my daily life. So I thought it’d be cool to do a 100 word writing prompt with the WOTD. That way maybe it would stay in my head and I’d also be doing some writing.

So, without further ado, my latest addition to the blog: WOTD Writing Prompt!

Julie May couldn’t help but wonder if her neighbors invited her to church because they feared for her wayward soul, or if they were simply observing a strict set of pharisaic principles. Being a rambunctious 12 year old had its perks, but even Julie May wasn’t sure if her usual inquisitive nature could handle asking religious questions of Mrs. Matthews. For months she avoided her neighbors until one day little Jimmy Matthews let it slip that the reason Ma invited Julie was because she thought Julie didn’t get enough food at home and their church always served a picnic lunch afterwards.


\ far-uh-SEY-ik \  , adjective;

1. Practicing or advocating strict observance of external forms and ceremonies of religion or conduct without regard to the spirit; self-righteous; hypocritical.

2. Of or pertaining to the Pharisees.