Word of the Day: Recusant Writing Prompt [2]

“Come on,” He said. “Please? You know we can’t do this without you.”

But Rachel, ever the recusant minion, merely shook her head and continued scribbling in her Precious Moments notebook she carried around incessantly.

“Michael, we can perform without her, we don’t need a bunny for a magic show, that would be, uh, well, cliche!” Sarah said.

“It’s not cliche, it’s a trademark. It’s expected!” He said. “What kind of magician doesn’t pull a bunny out of a hat?”

“Relax, I’ll just make one out of cardboard or something.” Sarah said.

“It’s not the same.” He said. Michael pulled off his hat and walked away.


\ REK-yuh-zuhnt \  , adjective;

1. A person who refuses to submit, comply, etc.
2. English History . A person, especially a Roman Catholic, who refused to attend the services of the Church of England.


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