Word of the Day: Delate Writing Prompt [4]

“You wouldn’t dare” She said. She cast a glance around, looking for something to steady her shaking hands. She couldn’t believe this was happening, especially now. What would she do if Isaac told people the rumors were true?

“I will delate you in front of all your ‘so called friends’ tomorrow night if you do not listen to reason.” He said.

But she didn’t want to give in to Isaac; he always saw things from a tainted perspective. There was no way she was letting him ruin everything she’d worked so hard for. Inching across the table, her hands grasped a candlestick. It was now or never.


 \ dih-LEYT \  , verb;

1. Chiefly Scot.  To inform against; denounce or accuse.
2. Archaic.  To relate; report: to delate an offense.

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