In which I need to do all the things I avoided while in school…

Which mostly boils down to cleaning and laundry. During the school semester it’s so easy to focus on the deadlines/projects/activities and tell yourself you’ll clean your apartment later. And then when later finally shows up you really wish it had just called in sick or something. But I’m heading out next week and I know I’ll be so FRUSTRATED with myself if I leave my room a mess. So I declare this the weekend of Deep Cleaning and De-cluttering. So instead of taking copious amounts of naps and reading any book I get my hands on (what I’ve been doing so far) I will now devote my weekend to clean. We’ll see how this goes.

And in other news. I have been absolutely OBSESSED with these past couple of weeks. It’s been on repeat and has already made it into my top 10 most played songs on my iTunes. Anberlin’s Unstable. I’ve included the music video – it’s kind of random, kind of dystopian, kind of awesome.

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