A Conversation With a Three-Year-Old

“What’s this? It looks like a chocolate sprinkle, is it a sprinkle?” He said.

I extended my hand and he dropped the small black speck into my outstretched palm. I had to peer down close and determine the strange substance. What would a chocolate sprinkle be doing in a gym?

“No, sorry, it’s not a sprinkle. It’s just a piece of black plastic,” I said.

“Oh,” He said. He took the speck back and held it in his hand for a moment more, scrunching up his face and pondering.

“So does that mean we shouldn’t eat it?” He finally asked.

Laughing: “No, definitely don’t eat it,” I said.

Why I don’t ask my father for photography titles…

I was staring at one of my photographs, trying to think of the perfect title when my father walked into the room. I asked him what he would title the tree with green leaves and lichen on the bark. He contemplated for a moment and then said. “Jabba the Hutt Emerging!”

Google’s sense of humor…and the Lord of the Rings

Google for the win. I heard that this quote would pop up if you typed directions from The Shire to Mordor and I wanted see if it was legit or an urban legend. And Google certainly didn’t fail me – so I took a screenshot. Pretty hilarious.